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Smart Parking

Radar sensors solution - allows detection of
indoor and outdoor parking availability

Wireless detection of parking space occupancy.

Three installation modes (surface, buried, semi-buried)

IP68 and IK10 protection and fully certified (CE and FCC).

The best accuracy on the market: combination of radar and magnetic technology.

Low maintenance (almost zero)

Communication protocol: LoRaWAN.

Benefits of Smart Parking


Optimization of parking spaces in urban and private areas

Management of special parking spaces: areas for emergency vehicles, loading areas or booths, disabled parking spaces, electric vehicle charging points

Urban mobility and city planning

Up to 35% higher parking revenue

Dynamic pricing strategies based on occupancy


Traffic volume: -8%

Gas emissions: -40%

Km. travel: -30%

Lost time: -43%

Illegal parking

Noise pollution

Fuel consumption

How it works?

The web application is connected to the parking sensors and displays the availability of places in real time.

The application consists of 2 main components:

1. Front-end (for visitors)

Through this web application (web page) users will be able to view the list of places (identification codes) and make the payment for the parking fee.

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    2. Back-end (for parking administrators)

    Through it, the administrator will be able to view the status (occupied/free, respectively paid/unpaid) of the parking spaces (both in real time – according to the latest statuses available in the system – and in an aggregated format for a certain period of time)
    Also through this component, it will implement the generation of alerts for situations related to the fraudulent use of parking spaces (e.g. non-payment of the tariff) and will deliver them by email to an address with an administrative authority as its destination (e.g. local police).

    Where is a smart parking
    solution needed?

    Urban areas

    Shopping malls



    Sports centers


    *Libelium Smart Parking sensor sends data via LoRa communication protocol. The LoRa module of the Smart Parking device transmits the data to a LoRa Gateway (Antenna). The antenna is registered in a cloud platform that has several tools for developing IoT applications.

    *Purchase can be made through Capex (one-time purchase) or Opex (minimum costs + percentage of proceeds).